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Alto Piemonte, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy

About the producer

Florian and Georg Ramoser form a dynamic father-son duo, driving the vision behind a finely honed collection of wines showcasing Schiava and Lagrein—two indigenous red varieties synonymous with Alto Adige/Südtirol. Perched just above Bolzano, Untermoserhof stands as both the Ramoser family's ancestral home and winery, with roots dating back to 1640. From its vantage point, the estate offers captivating views of the lush expanse of Val d’Isarco/Eisacktal and the awe-inspiring Alpine panorama beyond. On the estate's four hectares of meticulously tended parcels, nestled amidst steep slopes, Schiava and Lagrein thrive, embodying the essence of their terroir.


The bright, floral character of Schiava, the cornerstone grape in the traditional St. Magdalener blend, harmonizes effortlessly with the deeper, more soulful expression of Lagrein. Embracing a philosophy of minimal-input farming, the Ramosers devote themselves to rigorous handwork in the vineyards, navigating the challenges posed by steep slopes and demanding grape varieties. Their unwavering focus on old vines, dense plantings, controlled yields, and meticulous cellar practices yields exceptional results, culminating in wines of unparalleled quality and character.

In the Vineyard

Organic biodynamic practices

Yes but not certified

Total area under vine


Location of vineyards

In and around Santa Magdelena and Bolzano

Soil details

Soils here are well-draining glacial and alluvial sandy loam and decomposed porphyry gravel.

In the Cellar

Fermentation practices

I Florian’s words, “pretty traditional”: stainless steel and large oak barrels for alcoholic fermentation and aging.

Yeast utilized

Natural yeasts specifically selected from local surroundings

Filtration stabilization

Light filtration for red wines, white wines are unfiltered

Additional notes


Georg & Florian Ramoser

Winemaking style

Traditional winemaking approach with curiosity and experimentation with different "traditional techniques" in order to extract the best character and personality

Wines produced

Pinot Bianco 'Kardatsch', Chardonnay 'Moraine', St Magdalener, St Magdalener Hub, Lagrein, Lagrein Rose, Lagrein Riserva, Merlot Riserva

Total production

Depending on the vintage, roughly 45,000 bottles are produced each year