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Valle dell`Acate

Sicilia, Italy

About the producer

Sicily’s beloved Valle dell’Acate has a long and storied history amongst the top estates in Sicily, as the Jacono family can trace back their winemaking roots here to the nineteenth century. The winery is located in the southeastern corner of Sicily, on the beautiful Bidini Manor in the hills of the Dirillo Valley. The estate covers one hundred hectares of land, both for grapevines as well as the region’s famous blood oranges. Valle dell’Acate is located in Feudo Biddini, in Ragusa province, an important archaeological site, where a Greek necropolis was discovered. A significant cultural history permeates the natural heritage. Grape rows branch off for seventy hectares between the sinuous hills designed by Dirillo river, called Achates by the Romans. It was Giuseppe Jacono that started wine production, opening the winery at the end of XIX century, when Vittoria was in Sicily the most active center of Frappato wine export toward the French market. After vinification in the Palmento, Frappato was transferred to Scoglitti harbor on wooden cart (visible today in the old Dispensa) and from Scoglitti to Marseilles harbor in chestnut barrels. Palmento was the pressing room and winemaking room where Giuseppe Jacono senior, at the beginning of XX century, changed the old “cianche” with Negro press machines, introducing an innovative pressing system.


In 1981 Giuseppe Jacono Jr, father of Gaetana Jacono, today at the head of the company, started VALLE DELL’ACATE to continue wine production based on south-eastern Sicily natives grapes. Turning point and subsequent specialized delights of the production are the Cerasuolo di Vittoria, unique DOCG in Sicily, and Frappato DOC di Vittoria, applauded by the oenological critics as the best Frappato in Sicily. In 1996 Gaetana Jacono joined the company to foster the international sales and develop plans to make Ragusa territory with its prestigious varietals wine widely known. Gaetana intent is to perpetuate the family tradition actualizing current important projects in the sustainability field. In 2001, father and daughter decided on the important restoration of the Palmento and Dispensa. This was the first step on Gaetana’s entrepreneurial path toward Valle dell’Acate future. Touring Valle dell’Acate estate means time travel, and this journey in the art of wine making concludes itself with wine tasting combined with typical food.

In the Vineyard

Organic biodynamic practices

Certified Organic

Total area under vine

100 hectares

Location of vineyards


Soil details

7 different types of soils: *Yellow Soil - sand and clay *White Soil - limestone *Black Soil with Pebbles *Red Soil - red sand with layers of dark sand *Black Soil - small dark stones *Orange Red Soil - light soil with red-orange sand *Ochre - mixture of light sand and clay

In the Cellar

Yeast utilized

Indigenous yeasts

Filtration stabilization

Natural filtration and cold stabilization

Fermentation & aging vessels

All wines are fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel and aging for some wines takes place in French tonneaux and large botti

Additional notes


Carlo Casavecchia

Winemaking style

Organic wines that reveal the authentic expression of Hyblaean history and character. “I have a very intimate relationship with two elements, water and soil. The sea is mine for birth and into the sea I calm the great energy that I bring inside.”

Wines produced

'Zagra' Grillo, 'Thymbra' Vermentino, Il Frappato di Vittoria, Il Frappato 'Contrada Biddine Sottana', Cerasuolo di Vittoria, 'Il Moro" Nero d'Avola, 'Tane' Nero d'Avola, 'Iri da Iri' Cerasuolo di Vittoria