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Fratelli Alessandria

Barolo, Piemonte, Italy

About the producer

Fratelli Alessandria is one of the most historical wineries in Verduno, founded in 1870, with a cellar dating back to the 1700s. Today, in its eighth generation, Vittore represents the family, overseeing the hard work and efforts on their 15-hectare estate vineyards. All the estate’s vines, except their cru Gramolere, are located in the commune of Verduno. While not typically associated with familiar and renowned communes, Verduno, situated on the northeast border of the region, has begun to reclaim its historical stature. Adjacent to Roero, it benefits from the moderating influence of the Tanaro river.


The soil, derived from the geological formation of the typical Marne di Sant’Agata Fossili, rich in silt, fosters the production of elegant wines. This combination results in a lighter, more delicate, and floral spiciness, which is the village’s signature—qualities exemplified by Fratelli Alessandria. The Alessandrias own parcels in several top sites in Verduno, including Monvigliero, the most significant vineyard, and San Lorenzo. The emphasis is placed on the vineyards, while in the cellar, the approach remains rooted in tradition—native fermentations with temperature control, and for the Barolos, extended aging in large casks. Tradition also entails the cultivation and production of Pelaverga, an indigenous grape known as pelaverga piccolo, grown in Verduno. Over the years, it has garnered many fans for its floral and spicy notes, mid-weight body, and silky tannins. Barolo Gramolere is the only non-Verduno wine, sourced from vines that came to the estate with Vittore’s mother, Flavia. It originates from a superb hilltop site in Monforte and is easily recognizable, highlighting the differences found in such a small area as Barolo. This humble family and their wines embody a clean, confident classicism that positions them as an undersung but benchmark producer.

In the Vineyard

Organic biodynamic practices

Organic farming practices are utilized, the vineyards are not certified.

Total area under vine

15 Hectares

Location of vineyards

Verduno, Monforte d'Alba

Soil details

Limestone, silt, clay and a very small amount of sand

In the Cellar

Fermentation practices

Temperature controlled fermentation in stainless steel for all wines. For Barolo fermentation usually last 22-30 days at a temperature of 28-30 °C.

Yeast utilized

Natural yeasts specifically selected from our local vineyard environment

Filtration stabilization

Gentle filtration to remove cloudiness. No clarification only natural sedimentation.

Fermentation & aging vessels

Fermentation in stainless steel followed by aging in a combination of neutral/light toasted Slavonian and or/ French oak cask (20-40 HL) followed by a period in cement or steel before bottling.

Additional notes


Vittore Alessandria

Winemaking style

Traditionally made wines with a focus on elegance and finesse. Fratelli Alessandria's wines often reflect the specific terroir of their vineyards.

Wines produced

Langhe Favorita, Verduno Pelaverga Speziale, Dolcetto d'Alba, Barbera d'Alba, Barbera d'Alba Superiore Priora, Langhe Nebbiolo Prinsiot, Barolo del Comune di Verduno, Barolo San Lorenzo, Barolo Gramolere, Barolo Monvigliero

Total production

Depending on the vintage, roughly 90.000 bottles