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Giovanni Corino

Annunziata, La Morra,
Barolo, Piemonte, Italy

About the producer

The Giovanni Corino winery masterfully crafts exquisite, velvety wines sourced from prime locations within La Morra's prestigious Annunziata district, where the family proudly possesses two of the region's most exceptional crus. Following the footsteps of many other producers, Celeste Corino relocated with his wife and children to La Morra in 1952 to work as a sharecropper. Continuing in the family tradition, his son Giovanni dedicated himself to viticulture, gradually acquiring the majority of the vineyards that now form the foundation of the estate. In the mid-1980s, Giovanni's son, Giuliano, the current proprietor, joined the family business.


While Giovanni had primarily focused on grape sales, Giuliano was determined to transition to producing and bottling his own wine. Embracing the innovations and techniques of the Barolo revolution, it has taken Giuliano numerous vintages to refine his approach and truly capture the distinctiveness of Nebbiolo from his esteemed vineyard sites.

In the Vineyard

Organic biodynamic practices


Total area under vine

9.5 hectares

Location of vineyards

All vineyards are located in La Morra

Soil details

Loam, clay, sand and limestone

In the Cellar

Yeast utilized

Wild yeasts for all wines

Filtration stabilization

No filtration, cold stabilization only for wines produced in stainless steel (dolcetto, barbera, nebbiolo)

Fermentation & aging vessels

For all wines fermentation usually last 15-20 days, 4-5 are with the skins in horizontal roto-fermentor, and the remainder in vertical steel vats at a temperature of 25-27°C. All aging takes place in French Barriques

Additional notes


Giuliano & Andrea Corino

Winemaking style

Stylistically, the family consistently pursues the ideal equilibrium between modernity and tradition, imbuing every bottle they craft with the same meticulous care and attention to detail.

Wines produced

Dolcetto d'Alba, Barbera d'Alba, Barbera d'Alba "Ciabot du Re", Langhe Nebbiolo, Barolo del Comune di La Morra, Barolo Giachini, Barolo Arborina, Barolo Bricco Manescotto Barolo Riserva Langhe Rosso "L'Insieme"

Total production

Depending on the vintage, roughly 50,000 bottles are produced each year