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Mirabella Eclano,
Irpinia, Campania, Italy

About the producer

Nestled amidst the picturesque mountains of Taurasi in Campania, Quintodecimo crafts exceptional indigenous wines of unparalleled quality. Guided by meticulous vineyard selection, organic farming practices, and a commitment to precise, natural winemaking techniques, each bottle embodies the essence of its terroir with grace and finesse. Luigi Moio, esteemed owner, winemaker, and professor, inherits a rich legacy dating back to his family's historic winemaking roots in Campania since 1880. What sets him apart is his relentless pursuit of elevating aromatic complexities and enhancing aging potential.


Through meticulous techniques such as selective extraction, controlled maceration, and oak barrel aging—all rigorously tested and refined—Luigi achieves unparalleled excellence in his wines. At his winery, three exquisite white wines, Fiano, Falanghina, and Greco, stand as iconic representations of the region's varietals. Meanwhile, for reds, three distinguished wines, all crafted from Aglianico, the region's signature grape, showcase the epitome of Campanian winemaking.

In the Vineyard

Organic biodynamic practices

Organic farming practices are utilized but the winery is not certified

Total area under vine

30 Hectares

Location of vineyards

Mirabella Eclano, Tufo and Lapio

Soil details

Combination of volcanic and clay soil

In the Cellar

Fermentation practices

Temperature controlled fermentation in stainless steel for all wines

Yeast utilized

Organic yeasts specifically selected from local surroundings

Filtration stabilization

For the white wines, cold stabilization and for the reds barrique elevage only

Fermentation & aging vessels

Fermentation and aging in stainless steel and aging in a combination of new and used French barriques

Additional notes


Luigi Moio

Winemaking style

Renowned wine maestro Luigi Moio underscores the significance of aromas and their intricate dance with the olfactory senses, elegantly revealing the essence of each wine.

Wines produced

Falanghina Via del Campo, Fiano Exultet, Greco di Tufo Jeaune d’Arles, Grande Cuvéè Luigi Moio, Aglianico Terra d’Eclano, Taurasi Riserva - Grande Cerzito & Vigna Quintodecimo

Total production

Depending on the vintage, roughly 100,000 bottles