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Stefano Camilucci

Erbusco, Franciacorta,
Lombardia, Italy

About the producer

In the heart of Franciacorta, where the gentle slopes embrace the vines under the Lombardy sun, lies the essence of Stefano Camilucci — a testament to passion, heritage, and a commitment to the future. Stefano Camilucci has transformed his family's legacy into a poetic endeavor, blending tradition with innovation to craft wines that embody the soul of their terroir. Nestled in Erbusco, amidst a landscape blessed for viticulture, his vineyards span across picturesque municipalities, each parcel echoing the whispers of generations past. Here vinification is not merely a process but a symphony of meticulous care and a pioneering spirit.


Embracing modernity without forsaking authenticity, Stefano’s approach champions natural methods and purity of expression. From hand-selecting ripe, aromatic grapes to shunning additives and enhancements, every step is a tribute to the intrinsic character of Franciacorta. Here, stainless steel reigns supreme, eschewing the influence of barriques or tonneaux, while rigorous temperature control preserves the integrity and true character of each varietal. In pursuit of a wine that resonates with finesse and harmony, Stefano champions zero-dosage practices, letting the inherent beauty of the grapes speak for themselves. Free from the trappings of excessive manipulation, his wines exude fragrant aromas, impeccable balance, and an unmistakable elegance. This is Franciacorta reimagined: a testament to the land, a celebration of authenticity, and a toast to the journey ahead

In the Vineyard

Organic biodynamic practices

Organic farming practices are utilized but the winery is not certified

Total area under vine

25 Hectares | 35 different plots

Location of vineyards

Cellatica, Gussago, Monticelli Brusati, Ome, Provaglio d'Iseo, Paderno Franciacorta, Rodengo Saiano, Erbusco

Soil details

Moraine hills, ancient fossil-rich soil with high levels of minerality

In the Cellar

Yeast utilized

IOC 18-2007 for all wines

Filtration stabilization

Micro-filtration and tartaric cold stabilization

Fermentation & aging vessels

Temperature controlled fermentation and maturation stainless steel, no malolactic fermentation and no oak is used

Additional notes


Stefano Camilucci

Winemaking style

Stefano Camilucci is recognized for his practice of employing later harvest timing, abstaining from chaptalization, and forgoing malolactic fermentation. These meticulous methods enable the unadulterated essence of the terroir and grapes to be authentically conveyed.

Wines produced

Franciacorta Ammonites Zero Dosage, Ammonites Rosè Zero Dosage, Ammonites Satèn Brut, Anthologie Blanc Zero Dosage Millesimato, Anthologie Noir Zero Dosage Millesimato, Franciacorta Riserva ST Dégorgement tardif, Cuvée Perpetuelle Brut Nature,

Total production

Depending on the vintage, roughly 160,000 bottles