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Le Marie

Barge, Pinerolo,
Piemonte, Italy

About the producer

Nestled in the somewhat overlooked sub-region of Barge in western Piedmont, near the French border, the Raviolo family meticulously crafts distinguished wines that serve as refreshing and authentic reflections of this lesser-known area. Their picturesque vineyards grace the foothills of Mount Viso, nearly 500 meters above sea level, where the soil, rich in red slate and minerals, imparts vigor, unique minerality, and vibrant acidity to their wines. Cultivating 10 hectares of indigenous varietals, including vines as old as a century, the family passionately embraces organic farming practices. This commitment to natural techniques yields wines of unparalleled purity, boasting a remarkable brilliance and fresh character. Le Marie specializes in crafting classic expressions of Dolcetto, Barbera, and Nebbiolo grapes, alongside two distinct sparkling wines.

In the Vineyard

Organic biodynamic practices

Yes but not certified

Total area under vine

11 Hectares

Location of vineyards

Assarti and Ripoira in Barge (Cuneo)

Soil details

Red schist and clay

In the Cellar

Fermentation practices

All wines undergo temperature controlled fermentation and aging in stainless steel followed by aging in a combination of neutral French barriques and Botti

Yeast utilized

Natural yeasts specifically selected from local surroundings

Filtration stabilization

Paper filters used, cold stabilization

Additional notes


Valerio & Daniele Raviolo

Winemaking style

Valerio and his family are committed to honoring traditional winemaking methods, channeling their efforts into showcasing the true essence of local grapes from this lesser-known region.

Wines produced

Dolcetto, Barbera, Rouge de Lissart, Blanc de Lissart, Colombe, Debarges, Sant’Agostino, Spumante Rose Spumante Bianco

Total production

Depending on the vintage, roughly 50,000 bottles are produced each year