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Bruno Rocca

Piemonte, Italy

About the producer

The Rocca family has a rich winemaking legacy and are stewards of some of the finest vineyards in Barbaresco and Neive. Bruno Rocca assumed control of the family business in 1978 following his father's passing. It was then that he initiated the bottling of wine under his own name, swiftly gaining a reputation as one of Barbaresco's premier producers, notably attributed to the prized vineyards on the hill of Rabajà. Today, Bruno, alongside his children Francesco and Luisa, collaborates in preserving the family legacy and its deep-rooted connection to the land of origin. Bruno Rocca's vineyard holdings encompass the highly sought-after Rabajà cru in Barbaresco and Currà, Marcorino, San Cristoforo, and Fausoni in the commune of Neive.


Clay and limestone soils are crucial for cultivating Nebbiolo grapes for Barbaresco. The soil features white tuffaceous marl blended with grey-blue marl and veins of sand—rich in limestone and microelements, ideal for Nebbiolo cultivation. Rabajà is renowned for producing epic, structured Barbarescos with defined elegance and complexity. In the cellar, they utilize seasoned casks that enhance the natural evolution of their wines. Native yeasts are exclusively used during fermentation. Their winemaking philosophy focuses on achieving great fruit intensity while preserving the structure and elegance intrinsic to the Langhe region at its best.

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Bruno Rocca & Francesco Rocca

Wines produced

Langhe Chardonnay Cadet, Langhe Rosato, Dolcetto d'Alba Trifolè, Barbera d'Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo Fralù, Barbaresco, Barbaresco Currà, Barbaresco Rabajà, Barbaresco Riserva Currà, Barbaresco Riserva Rabajà, Barbaresco Maria Adelaide

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