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Strongoli ,
Calabria, Italy

About the producer

The son of a grain merchant, Roberto Ceraudo grew up in the Calabrian countryside and dreamed of having his own land. In 1973, he borrowed money to buy an abandoned 100-acre estate in Strongoli, in the hills above the Ionian coast, just south of the Cirò wine appellation. Today Ceraudo produces nine wines, all under the Val di Neto appellation, growing a variety of local and indigenous grapes. Ceraudo became the first in the region to bottle a dry white made solely from the local Pecorello variety and in 1987 converted all operations to meet organic certification requirements. Committed to a natural way of grape growing and winemaking, Roberto believes in leaving nature to follow its own rhythms.


The winery has become an icon of excellence and good practices, based on a strong ‘green’ ethics and producing some of the most exciting wines in all of Italy. At 68, Roberto Ceraudo works with his three children, Giuseppe, Susy and Caterina. He is a local legend, renowned for his wines, olive oil and a Michelin starred restaurant which is now run by daughter Caterina, one of Italy’s most celebrated young chefs.

In the Vineyard

Organic biodynamic practices

Certifiied Organic

Total area under vine

20 hectares

Location of vineyards

Hills of Strongoli

Soil details

Combination of clay and sand

In the Cellar

Yeast utilized

Locally selected yeasts

Filtration stabilization

Cold stabilization and light filtration

Fermentation & aging vessels

Stainless steel for fermentation, aging for some of wines takes place in French oak casks

Additional notes


Roberto Ceraudo

Winemaking style

From a sensory perspective, the Ceraudo vineyards reveal an exquisite elegance distinguished by intricate layers of flavor, remarkable uniformity, and a lingering aromatic allure. The proximity to the sea, the nuanced terrain, and the micro-climate converge to yield wines that are simultaneously vibrant and redolent. Within each sip, one can discern the sun-kissed fruit and delicate floral nuances, evoking a compelling journey through the enchanting landscapes of southern Italy.

Wines produced

Petelia, Grisara, Imyr, Grayasusi (copper & silver labels), Dattilo, Petraro, Nana

Total production

75,000 bottles