Togni Rebaioli


40km from Franciacorta lies Valcamonica, a region known better for history than wine, it was the first site in Italy to become a Unesco monument due to the petroglyphs found in the area. Enrico Togni is a name few know, but those who do see him as a visionary and pioneer in one of northern Italy’s most underrated areas. It was in 2001 when Enrico decided to leave law school and follow his dreams of becoming a farmer. He inherited 1.5 hectares from his grandfather and purchased another 1.5 hectares in this rather unknown mountainous region of Lombardy. His vision of creating soulful wines from what many would consider to be poor soil and incredibly challenging terroir has resulted in his relentless determination to better himself and his craft. Today, he maintains the same philosophy and mindset.

Enrico’s vineyards lie against a very steep mountain slope and are incredibly difficult to cultivate. Here he grows Erbanno, an indigenous grape named after a mountain village in the area, Barbera, Nebbiolo and Merlot. He follows natural grape growing and winemaking processes and was awarded organic certification for all of his wines. Enrico believes that the goal of a farmer is to respect nature, respect the work that is required of the land, being ready to adapt all techniques and processes according to mother nature and the environmental circumstances of each vintage. With every sip of these wines, comes a taste of the terroir along with the strong character and determination of their maker.