Davide Carlone


Thanks to the mentorship of his passionate grandparents, Davide Carlone has been the guiding light of Boca and a pioneer among his peers. When asked he would introduce himself as a humble farmer who is in love with the terroir and winemaking history of Alto Piemonte. He knows the lay of the land like no other and has begun to resurrect old ‘hidden’ vineyards in the surrounding forests that were deserted by owners due to the challenge of farming the rugged soil. In his late teens, Carlone worked a one hectare, old-vine Boca vineyard that was one of only three hectares still in existence. In this tiny appellation that once flourished, little remains of the once prolific pre-phylloxera wines.

Carlone farms his vineyards utilizing organic practices and keeps a small amount of the fruit for himself, selling off the majority to Le Piane. With this prized fruit he crafts a small amount of naturally made wines that have become known for their remarkable character, complexity and concentration. The focus here is on 3 grapes, Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Croatina from 100-year-old pre-phylloxera vines. Both Croatina and Nebbiolo are utterly unique expressions when grown in Boca, in part because the soils and bedrock are primarily volcanic porphyry, which is an appellation specific trait because the hills of Boca are the remnant of a once active volcano.