Thursday, October 27 - 2016

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Welcome to D&P Selezioni


D&P Selezioni Srl has a simple mission: to continue to represent the most unique and honest wines from the most renowned as well as less known Italian appellations, promoting them in the new and emerging markets of the world.

After 15 years of extensive traveling throughout Asia and Eastern Europe we have grown and helped to create a stable marketplace and a greater appreciation for Italian wines and the culture surrounding it.


Currently, we represent producers from all over Italy. Each winery has its own history and story to tell. Our job is to communicate these stories so that the character and personality can be expressed and understood. Each collaboration is special to us and we want to share the passion behind winemaking with each sip.


The producers that D&P Selezioni Srl represent are small family wineries with generations of viticulture behind them. Respect for the land and terroir is embedded in their history and philosophy. All of our producers stand behind the idea that wine is born in the vineyard first. We have real producers with real quality products, and we hope to make their passion part of everyday life in the new markets. We only promote producers who abide by these philosophies: a glass of wine is only as good as the land where it comes from, it’s history, and the people who make the history come alive. Each wine has a natural place of origin. This is translated into each glass.


D&P Selezioni Srl is the link between the producer and the importer. We offer complete and continuous support to the importers through continuous travel. We plan several visits, tastings, wine dinners, exhibitions, and fairs during the year to further enhance our personal relationships with our clients. These relationships are based on a mutual trust between us, the producers we represent, and the wine lovers throughout the world. Credibility and love for wine is what makes our clients’ business grow, and essentially, helps keep Italian wine alive!